About Josh Sason

Josh Sason, Founder and CEO of Magna

Josh Sason, Founder and CEO of Magna

Josh Sason is a serial entrepreneur, investor, artist and producer. At just twenty two years old he founded Magna out of his bedroom. Today, Magna is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost creative and tactical firms; building disruptive companies and investing across the worldwide public and private equity markets and the entertainment industry.

Magna has several investment strategies and teams: Magna:equities, Magna:ventures, Magna:entertainment, Magna:realestate and has a burgeoning SPAC franchise, MI Aquisitions (NASD: MACQ). An impact-oriented organization to the core, in 2017 Josh founded and launched the firm’s philanthropic arm, the Magna:initiative.

Josh, a lifelong creative and artist, has undertaken a mission to share an important lesson with creatively-inspired individuals and businesses alike: creativity, collaboration, and the quest to inspire are at the heart of any successful entrepreneur.

Josh Sason earned his BBA in Entrepreneurship with a focus in Finance at Hofstra University. He currently serves on Hofstra’s board for its Center for Entrepreneurship.