Josh Sason’s Blog, Welcome!

This website is dedicated to Josh Sason, or Joshua Sason, who has made doing good business and responsible, wise investing a career and a successful enterprise.  It is because for Josh Sason, business matters, and business is people.  We are talking about why business matters to everyone.  Business, and all its aspects, is the true heartbeat of America.  At the Magna Group, ( aka Magna Group and “Magna Group Capital Management LLC”), we are helping businesses and careers grow. But more than that, our image is our vision. 

Joshua Sason is amongst the new generation of young entrepreneurs who has quickly become a well-respected hedge fund manager, financier and visionary.  Through his entity Magna Group, he has enabled the growth and development of hundreds of small and lower middle-market companies that are traditionally unable to access commercial capital, and he continues to develop unique methods and structures to facilitate economic growth within a highly underserved portion of the marketplace.

But it goes beyond just bringing in business and success, it is about giving back. 

Joshua Sason believes in charity because of how it has helped him throughout the years.  Josh  regularly donates to the American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Research (Susan G. Komen) and to various local causes including Jewish organizations locally, Hurricane Sandy. relief, etc.

Overall, Josh Sason and the Magna Group look forward to an even more prosperous year.

Please follow this Blog as we chronicle the successes and challenges of Josh Sason and the Magna Group over the next year.  We look forward to this journey…we hope you’ll join us!