Why I Started Magna Group Capital Management – Joshua Sason


I chose to start Magna Group because I was looking for a personal investment strategy in which I could put the limited amount of capital that I had at the time to work in a meaningful way. I found the ability to help the smallest public companies through direct financing strategies rewarding from both a gratification perspective as well as a financial one.

I have built a full-scale front to back operation in house. We have various different desks that all contribute to our operation and this is what sets us clearly apart from the competition. We have a research/due diligence desk, origination desk, structuring desk, trading desk, marketing desk and management. Our ability to handle a portfolio of 60 different investments at any one given time is made possible because of our robust internal structure and operation.

Magna Group pursues a “listen-first” approach when dealing with portfolio companies, which sets us apart from the competition. While many other financiers and banks will approach a prospective client company with a product-first approach, we have found that understanding the breadth of a company’s needs first allows us to prepare a multi-product financial suite that is customizable dependent upon the situation.

Areas of expertise:

Hedge funds, private equity, micro, small cap and lower middle markets, investment banking, structured finance, convertible debt, trading, executive management, equity markets