How Marketing Will Change In 2014: The Creative Forecast


The very definition of marketing has been morphing for years now, altered by a series of game-changing forces. First, the rise of digital brought a shift from messaging to brand utility. With social media came an increased focus on creating content and conversations. Now, in 2014, technology that bridges the digital and physical seems poised to be the next game changer for brands.

According to the many advertising leaders we surveyed, connected devices and wearable technology–or, more broadly, the Internet of things–are top of mind for 2014. But where the last decade of digital experimentation has generally made technology front and center of an experience, the feeling is that the general relationship with technology has now matured to a point where it doesn’t need to be the star of the show. Instead, people are predicting a more seamless integration of technology into brand’s efforts. Or, as Scott Prindle, partner/chief digital officer, Made Movement puts it: “I think we’ll see interesting opportunities to use technology to save us from technology.”

In fact, this notion of detoxing from the non-stop connectivity our devious little devices provide is a prominent trend both in terms of what will impact the upcoming year and how people will strive to fuel their own creative engines.

Another hallmark of the coming year is invention, be it in technology, product, or process. While invention has been bubbling along the shores for the last little while, it seems ready to crest over the banks into the mainstream. If there’s one sentiment to take into this New Year, it’s that the new rules of the game dictate that absolutely anything is possible.

Here now are insights, predictions, and prognostications from the industry on what they’re looking forward to, what they suspect will affect their work, and how they’ll make their own individual years more creative.