Tungston Values Promote Excellence in Business – Posted for Joshua Sason and Magna Group LLC

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Tungston, a mining and exploration company currently involved with financing at Magna, underlines its values for its employees and its leadership.

From the Tungston Website:

“We believe that a fundamental ingredient of business success of Tungsten Corp.  is that all personnel conduct themselves with basic honesty and integrity, whether it is in their dealings with the Company, employees, business partners or others. Ethical conduct is one of our core values and beliefs.

Excellence.  People drive our business and our success; thus we will hire the best and provide the resources they need to excel.

Performance.  At the end of the day, we are here to generate value and provide results that increase shareholder value, so we commit to stay mindful of our purpose and strive to exceed expectations.

Integrity.  No results are worth compromising one’s integrity, so we commit to handling ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards; we will do the right thing regardless of consequences or who is, or who isn’t looking.

Teamwork.  We understand people are social, and we believe social interaction brings about the best ideas; thus we will foster an environment of open and honest communication, which is not hampered by geographic distance or corporate titles.

Sensitivity. We touch a number of individuals and communities in a number of ways; thus we commit to approaching all with open dialogue, patience, and understanding; we adhere to the golden rule that all our parents taught: treat others like you want to be treated.”

– See more at: http://www.tungsten-corp.com/corporate/tungsten-corp-values#sthash.2e9yutZB.dpuf