“Nothin’ But Foods,” A Magna Group Ventures company, Discusses`All Natural’ –

Nothing But Foods



Video Trancsript:

Steven Laitmon is the CEO.

It was a reaction to what was on the market.

After finding products that did not satisfy tastes and flavors and without fillers and processed sugars that you do not need I decided I would make my own.

From starting in the kitchen with the recipe and realizing that I had a product that other people would want to sell or buy.

I started selling them at shops around the area.

It is now grown to a business that can be — food can be found in Costco.

Right now we are in Costco and stores like fairway and I happened to walk into one of these coffee shops looking at the alternatives for breakfast and I tried one of these bars and I was so taken by the product I turned it over and said do you want help with this because if think you have something special.

There is a lack of products in the market that taste — really elevates taste.

If you want to eat healthier we have to start with something that is taste urban.