Meelo: Another Magna Ventures Company – posted for Joshua Sason and Magna Capital Group



What is Meelo?

Meelo is the first of its kind brand intelligence platform to allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and campaigns plus the strength of their brands through brand reach analytics measures. Marketers can now go beyond the listening process to understand the potential number of consumers interacting with brands and products on the world wide web.

How Does Meelo Work?
Accumulate all data on the world wide web on your brand
Calculate your brand reach and displays it in an easy-to-use dashboard.
Analyze reach from a quantitative and qualitative perspective measuring all data points and conversations.
Measure brand activity and your key competitors through all relevant sources: Site specific
Author specific or user generated
Channel categories

Why is Meelo Different?
Reach + Dialog: Meelo focuses on your brand reach while allowing you to also read the qualitative dialog
Competitive Intelligence: Know exactly what your competitors are doing online and what is working for them
Simple to understand data
Real-time data