Magna Group LLC and Joshua Sason Discuss Lending

Magna Group LLC and Joshua Sason Discuss Lending.

Joshua Sason and Magna Group and Hedge Funds

Definition of  ‘Hedge Fund’       For the most part, hedge funds (unlike mutual funds) are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors. In the U.S., laws require that the majority of investors in… Continue reading

Magna Group Capital (Hanover Holdings 1), Joshua Sason, and Sanwire Corp.

Recently, Joshua Sason and Magna Group affiliate fund, Hanover Holdings I, LLC (“Magna”), signed Sanwire Corporation up for a $7,500,000 Equity Financing Agreement through its Equity Enhancement Program ( As Joshua Sason has stated, the… Continue reading

To Get a Business Loan, Learn How the Bank Thinks (Reposted By Magna Group )

To hear some small-business owners talk, getting a loan remains all but impossible. And yet, many bankers claim that their small-business loan volume is up significantly. So, is the small-business credit crisis over… Continue reading

Joshua Sason and Magna Capital Wish You a Meaningful Memorial Day

Magna Group and Terra Tech Engage in Enhancement Program worth $5M

Terra Tech Corp., Inc is starting an equity enhancement program with Magna Group. The $5m program will enable Terra Tech Corp. to access additional funds needed to execute the company’s expansion plans in… Continue reading

Magna Group is in Search of Motivated Professionals

Magna Group is always looking for motivated and talented individuals to join our investment team. If you are interested in being considered for an employment position or internship at our firm, please send… Continue reading

Magna Group Welcomes Spring

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching and much like the plants, Magna Group is in full bloom. We are excited for summer and sharing great times with our friends. We take pride… Continue reading

Magna Group Capital Management – On Relationships

Magna Group’s Emphasis on Accountability: WE STRIVE NOT ONLY TO BE HEARD but to listen and to understand. Our goal is to keep an open and honest relationship, accepting and acknowledging responsibility as… Continue reading

Magna Group Focus on Our People: Michael Abitebol

Michael Abitebol Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Magna Group. Michael oversees day-to-day operations and maintains the financial structure of the fund, participates in key transactions, ensures business development and supervises risk… Continue reading